Front Rendering

Our building committee has feverishly worked to bring the church the report that you heard on Sunday, January 18. We believe it is a good plan. We believe that it exemplifies good stewardship of all of our resources: both monetarily and existing facilities. This project is more than a building project; it is a ministry project. We are not building a temple and expecting people to come and worship with us here; we are building a resource that will allow us to use all of our facilities to better reach the community around us. This committee feels very good about where things stand and encourage the church to support these efforts. The building committee, and your pastor, are asking you to do a few things: 1) PRAY. Without prayer, none of this will be possible. 2) GIVE. It takes money to build this facility. 3) ENCOURAGE. Encourage the committee as they continue to work. Encourage others to do their part in this project. Together, we will build this Worship Community to serve the Kingdom purposes that God has for Fellowship Baptist Church.